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  1. Do you love writing about products you have personal experience with or simply know about? Is blogging something you do frequently?

    If this is you, then we are looking for you!

    The company is need of good bloggers/writers who could write about any product (blog-style) that can be written under the sun.

    You will get paid SGD 25 per every article you published!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the minimum or maximum word limit for an article that needs to be submitted to you? NO maximum. Minimum is 500 words, while most of our articles range between 500 and 1,000.

    2. If in a particular month I am not able to provide all 10 articles, is the price applicable for per article as well? Yes, we pay you for every article published.

    3. What does it take to publish my article? It's very simple, as long as you follow the requirements in our document, we'll almost certainly publish everything you submit.

    4. What's the payment cycle? Is the money given after the completion of all 10 articles? No, we transfer on the 15th and 30th of every month based on your accomplishments.

    5. Is there a minimum or maximum number of articles that I need to publish? No, but in the first month we will pay only for the first 10 articles published.

    6. Is there a deadline that you usually adhere to? We expect 10 articles every month and we encourage you to produce 2/3 every week to facilitate our payment and revision processes.

    For interested applicants, see this link: http://******/2Eo1Nfo

    This gig is until the end of March, 2018 only, so grab the opportunity now while you can!

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