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Vine App for Windows Phone Available And Even Updated

Discussion in 'Windows Phones Discussions' started by Ohayo, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. Ohayo

    Ohayo Guide

    Dec 9, 2013
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    Please login or register to view linksAs announced by the official Vine blog, their Windows Phone app was released yesterday. Since then, the fans of service were left with only third party solutions. So finally Vine has been developed for Microsoft's mobile platform and become available, as it was pre-announced on Nokia World 2013.

    Those who are not aware - , Vine enables you to create looping videos with sound - think of them much like animated GIF images. In difference with other platforms - Please login or register to view links and Please login or register to view links - specific Windows Phone features such as the ability to pin favorite Vine accounts to the Start screen and integration with the camera have been confirmed.

    A single day after hitting the store, the official Vine app for Please login or register to view links has already received an update. Let’s check out what the first update is about.

    The version brings no major changes, as it was expected in an update 24 hours later. The new version fixes some bugs found in in the release of Vine - more concretely, some errors for those having trouble logging into the app.

    So check the official Vine app available in the Please login or register to view links and do not hesitate to express your thoughts in the comments below!

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