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    We are always pertaining to the word virus whenever our system is infected by any malicious program...
    Now is our chance to be enlightened and be able to distinguish/differentiate/correct the misconceptions...


    Malware stands for Malicious Software. It includes any program or file that is designed to do harm. To distribute them hackers will often hide them inside other programs on websites or send them to you by e-mail. These include:

    Viruses and Worms
    Trojan Horses
    Adware and Spyware
    Phishing / Pharming
    Spam and Hoax letters

    Types of Malware :-

    Malware can gain remote access to your system thus allowing data to be sent to the hacker and further infect others through disabling anti-virus and firewall software.

    Pharming :-

    Pharming is an attack in which a user can be fooled into entering sensitive data such as a password or credit card number into a malicious web site that impersonates a legitimate web site. The attacker does not have to rely on having the user click on a link in an email. Even if the user correctly enters a URL (web address) into a browser`s address bar, the attacker can still redirect the user to a malicious web site.
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