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This is it How to Repair BM622M No Singal No LAN

Discussion in 'Network General Discussions' started by Guest, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Guest Guest


    NA FWD ba ang modem mo, bm622, bm622m, bm622i, and bm623 wimax. eto na ang pang repair sa mag modem nyo try at your own risk.

    - No Light issue
    - blinking lan LED
    - No connectiong to LAN PC
    - No signals
    - No repair to your Modem
    - Just software is needed
    - Download the softaware

    This are the fallowing side effect:​

    • No signal Lights
    • My LAN continues Refresh connected disconnected if 622m firmware while on Greenpacket firmware LAN is normally connected.
    • 622m web Gui status Ready

    Other find a solution use Winpsreader every time you want to connect ( hustle sign)

    How to Fix Restore your modem settings​

    Continues LAN and Ready on Status (Normally this must be connecting not Ready)
    1. Get a Winspreader and Smart v7 firmware
    2. Open a Winspreader browse the Smart v7 firmware Hit start.
    3. Plug your Modem Power and Lan Cable the wait a few minutes....
    4. check the web GUI .. type the on your browser
    5. If you Gui Change to Smart...

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    Open telnet
    login: mt7109
    sncfg dset ADMIN_NAME admin (Enter)
    sncfg dset ADMIN_PASSWD '$1$k2I9hJe4$OkHKF43oTmjvv3zJtrEZ4.' (Enter)
    sncfg commit (Enter)
    /factoryreset.sh (Enter)

    NOTE: Kung tamad kapa i type yan gamit ka scripts pang change mac ng Greenpacket palitan mo lang ng IP

    6. After Reboot your default gateway should be because that is the default IP for smart.
    Open a browser type
    log in user :admin pass:smart

    7. Go to Management -->> Upgrade --->> browse your 622m firmware Hit upgrade
    wait 10 to 15 minutes slowly but surely effective flashing...

    8. After done Upgrade it will reboot hit that reboot and wait...

    9. reboot done check ip still (smart)
    Open a browser type then you will see PINK page with error link is like this

    Now open a telnet again

    /factoryreset.sh (enter)

    NOTE: wag n wag gagamitin eto pang factory /etc/default.cfg baka mag kaka hardware atsutsu ka balik na naman tayo sa umpisa nun.

    10. dahil nag factory reset tayo automatic walang telnet yan log in ka
    username: user
    password: 0SlO051O
    Go to para maaccess telnet nio.....
    CHECK TELNET and click apply...

    11. Finally No signal Light lagyan ng signal lights

    Now open a telnet again

    rm etc/default.cfg ( Enter )
    reboot (Enter)

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    rereboot yan may ilaw na modem nyo. ..

    Take Note yung original MAC and Serial nya sa sticker ay babalik parang brand new ulit yung modem nyo.. at kung signal light lang habol nyo skip nyo nalang mga ibang step diretso na kayo sa step 11

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    Optional kung 169 yung IP mag static saka ka mag winspreader with 622m firmware kung kaya pa..

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