The La Leonardo - Ben Lewis

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    Descirption: 500 years after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, Ben Lewis considers the unrivalled legacy of his art through an original biography of the 'Salvator Mundi' (Saviour of the World) - the lost Da Vinci painting. In 2017, Leonardo Da Vinci's small oil painting, the Salvator Mundi entered global popular consciousness with its record-breaking $450m sale in 2017. The Salvator is, in the words of its discoverer, 'the rarest thing on the planet by the greatest human being who ever lived.' Only re-attributed to Leonardo in 2011, as the last one that will be discovered and sold, it is widely said to be 'the Last Leonardo'. In this stunning mix of biography, art history, history and thriller that goes deep into the story of this astonishing picture, not to mention the shady dealings of the contemporary art world, Ben Lewis writes a truly original and gripping narrative history. This book forensically retraces the history of the Salvator Mundi, uncovering a very different narrative from the...


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