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Share your love for HostPapa & get a reward

Discussion in 'Hosting and Domains' started by renewalcoupon2014, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. renewalcoupon2014

    Mar 31, 2014
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    Please login or register to view linksHere’s how to get your reward:

    Take 5 minutes, submit your positive HostPapa review to one of the sites below, and in return we’ll give you up to $36 worth of HostPapa services!

    1.write your review

    Submit a positive review of HostPapa to one reputable review site. Don’t worry we’ve made it easy and picked them for you – keep reading!

    2.pick your reward

    There are 3 rewards to choose from; now it’s time to think of which one you would like.

    3.send us your reward link

    Once your review has been published on the review site, email the link, and your reward choice to us at:promotions#hostpapasupport.com

    As soon as we approve the review, your reward will be processed. It’s that easy!

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