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    Logotypes and watermarks in video files are annoying, indeed. Removing them manually is a difficult task that very few users would like to experience. Now, thanks to Remove Logo Now Pro! you can remove them easily in several clicks.

    SoftOrbit’s Remove Logo Now! is a handy and reliable video correction tool that specifically designed to easily remove annoying logotypes, text overlays and non-removable subtitles from video files. The program is fully automatic, meaning that there’s no painstaking frame-by-frame removal process to endure. Instead, the program will automatically analyze the video stream, locate and remove any unwanted objects such as channel logos, unwanted subtitles, watermarks, date and time stamps.

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    Thanks to the unique inpainting algorithm, Remove Logo Now! gracefully removes static objects from video streams, leaving zero or close to zero visible traces even in the most complicated cases. And if you have a number of files featuring the same logo, you can process all of the files at the same time in batch mode. You will also get a chance to edit the videos while removing logotypes from it; with this solution you can change the video’s bitrate and frame rate or even convert video to different formats.
    Remove Logo Now! Pro Key Features:

    • Identify and remove static overlays, like station logos, from video files
    • Automatically detect and remove logos, text overlays, and subtitles
    • Manually define an area of the screen to scrub
    • Remove the same overlay from multiple files in batch
    • Convert your videos to any number of popular file formats
    • Download available for: Windows 2003, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8

    Remove Logo Now! PRO Serial Key for Free

    Remove Logo Now! (for videos) is created for Microsoft Windows users all variations and its cost is $139 per serial key. However till 29 May 2014, you can get it free of cost. See the promotion page and get it by sending your name and e-mail address.
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    • Now just enter your Email Address and your Name, then press Get free license key button and wait.
    • Now within few seconds you will receive your free serial key for this awesome tool.
    • Now Please login or register to view links , install the software and then at the license window simply enter the key you received in your email.
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    wow ma test nga :)

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