Raising Girls in the 21 Century - Steve Biddulph

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    Descirption: The revised and updated edition of the bestselling parenting classic

    Raising Girls in the Twenty-first Century is Steve Biddulph's warm, wise and up-to-the-minute look at how to help your daughter - at every age, from baby to teen. Girls today need to be strong, but also keep their hearts open. Steve brings the very best help from around the globe to build girls' self-belief in a world that often wants to tear them down.

    In this revised and updated edition, you'll learn how to raise your daughter to:
    <li>have a joyful childhood and not be forced to grow up too fast
    <li>navigate the fraught world of friends, peer pressure and bullying
    <li>be free and wild, to reduce anxiety, depression and self-harm
    <li>avoid technology addiction and other social media pitfalls
    <li>relate to boys with a clear head and strong heart

    There is also a powerful new section on '#MeToo in School', shining a light on the reality of childhood...


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