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    Learning Couchbase by Henry Potsangbam
    English | November 23, 2015 | ISBN: 1785288598 | 202 pages | PDF/EPUB/MOBI | 15 Mb

    Design documents and implement real world e-commerce applications with Couchbase
    About This BookGet acquainted with Couchbase architecture and design your document-based data schemaImplement full text search using industry standard elastic search pluginsDevelop critical and high performance applications using this hands-on tutorial guideWho This Book Is For
    If you are new to the NoSQL document system or have little or no experience in NoSQL development and administration and are planning to deploy Couchbase for your next project, then this book is for you. It would be helpful to have a bit of familiarity with Java.
    What You Will LearnGet acquainted with the concept of NoSQL databases and configure your Couchbase database clusterMaintain Couchbase effectively using the web-based administrative console with easeEnable partition capabilities by making use of BucketsAnalyze important design considerations for maintaining relationship between various documentsUse Couchbase SDK Java API to store and retrieve documentWrite views using map/reduce to retrieve documents efficientlyGet familiar with N1QL and how to use it in Java applicationsIntegrate Couchbase with Elasticsearch to implement full text searchConfigure XDCR for disaster recovery and develop ecommerce application using CouchbaseIn Detail
    NoSQL database systems have changed application development in terms of adaptability to dynamics schema and scalability. Compared with the currently available NoSQL database systems, Couchbase is the fastest. Its ease of configuration and powerful features for storing different schema structures, retrieval using map reduce and inbuilt disaster recovery by replicating document across the geographical region, make it one of the most powerful, scalable and comprehensive NoSQL in the market. Couchbase also introduces smart client API for various programming language to integrate the database with the application easily, yet providing very complex features like cluster health awareness.
    This book achieves its goal by taking up an end-to-end development structure, right from understanding NOSQL document design to implementing full fledged eCommerce application design using Couchbase as a backend.
    Starting with the architecture of Couchbase to get you up and running, this book quickly takes you through designing a NoSQL document and implementing highly scalable applications using Java API. You will then be introduced to document design and get to know the various ways to administer Couchbase. Followed by this, learn to store documents using bucket. Moving on, you will then learn to store, retrieve and delete documents using smart client base on Java API. You will then retrieve documents using SQL like syntax call N1QL. Next, you will learn how to write map reduce base views. Finally, you will configure XDCR for disaster recovery and implement an eCommerce application using Couchbase.
    Style and approach
    The book starts from absolute basics and slowly moves to more advanced topics ensuring at every step that all concepts and terms are understood by the reader to have complete understanding at every stage. Technical and complex terms are explained in clear and simple language, thus making this book a perfect companion for those who have started their journey to NoSQL using Couchbase



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