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[GUIDE]Dragon Nest PH Leveling Guide

Discussion in 'Dragon Nest Discussions' started by Sanket, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Sanket

    Sanket Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2012
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    Alright, here's my leveling guide for people who don't know where or how to level up fast. This guide is mostly for players who wants to get most out of the game (story-wise). Quests and not grind same dungeon over and over but I will put in alternative ways to level up as well. I went from level 1-32 in less than a week. 32-40 in around 3 days. I still sleep and not grind endlessly like other people.

    This is a level up guide, this guide won't tell you what skills to put or anything else. Please look at the other guides in the guides or class section of the forum for that.

    Here are a few tips before we get started:

    1. Always enhance your equips for more survivability and stronger weapons to clear dungeons faster.

    2. Level up your skills whenever you need to. Refer to your class skill guides on what skill you should level up.

    3. Make sure you grab every available quest whenever you are in town, this will allow you to complete a number of quests all together when completing a dungeon. (Press "M" when you are in town to see the exclamation mark which indicate the quests available and exclamation point for quests in progress)

    4. Commission Board: Remember to accept the quest from the board for whichever dungeon you're about to do. They give you tons of EXP just by completing what's on it. Mostly it's to complete the dungeon (Kill the boss, etc)

    • Level 1-9
    • Level 9-16
    • Level 16-24
    • Level 24-32
    • Level 32-40
    • Level 40-50 (Not available)[/align]

    Starting Out: Level 1-9
    [align=center]When you chose your character, you start out at a village. (Cleric and Sorceress - Mana Ridge | Warrior and Archer - Ironwood Village).
    On the mini-map below, go to where the yellow question mark is and talk to the person to start and finish the quest. Always look on the mini-map when you're in town. If there's a question mark or exclamation mark, go there and talk to the NPC.
    Always accept all quests. When you stack them and complete a dungeon, you might complete more than 1 quests. With the dungeon EXP along with the Quests EXP afterwards, you'll level up in no time.
    Do all dungeons on Normal, not higher difficulty since it'll take longer.
    Once you complete the dungeon, don't return to town if there's any quests you haven't finished. Just go to closest field instead of returning to town and go to the next map/dungeon and finish the dungeon to complete the quest.
    When you're done, return to town and give in all the quests. Accept new ones then go back to running dungeons again.

    To break it down:
    • Accept all quests
    • Complete quests by running dungeons on Normal difficulty (Don't return to town until you have complete all the quests you accepted)
    • Return to town after you complete the quests and turn them all in then accept the new ones.
    • Repeat.

    • Remember not to return to town until you complete all the quests that you accepted. Only return if you're almost out of durability, which I doubt since you're still a low level.

    Level you should be: 9-10
    My level: 10

    Level 9-16
    [align=center]You should arrive be at Carderock now. Press "M" for the Map and go to the NPC that has the question mark and exclamation marks. Accept all the quests.
    Talk to Irine to get the "This is Madness" quest if you hadn't talk to her for the quest yet.
    When you press "M" again, you'll see another exclamation mark. Go talk to the NPC Gobxes there and accept the quest. Sure it gives 10-15% per run but it's not worth it as you can get more EXP faster by running dungeons with quests. Plus, the Gobarta runs will benefit you more when you're level 16+.
    Anyways, head South and go out and you'll see Fergus again with the exclamation mark. Talk to him then go complete his quest. Make sure to accept the quest from the commission board since it'll give you EXP for completing the task. (This is great since by completing the dungeon, you get the dungeon EXP, quest EXP later on, and the commission board EXP)
    Once you're done with the dungeon, return to closest field and complete the other quests.
    When you're done with all the other quests, return to town and turn them all in and re-accept more quests. Keep doing this until level 16.

    • If you completed a dungeon and you didn't finish a quest, just return to closest field and rerun the dungeon and see what you need to do. (EX: Quests that tells you to find a certain item, kill a certain number of mobs)
    • Remember to accept commission board requests on the dungeon you're doing before entering the dungeon.*
    • Carderock has two exits to dungeons. North (Ashen Ruins) and South (Crystal Stream). If you have tons of quests that are located south, go south and complete them one by one and not return to town till you're done with them. If you have one quest North (Ashen Ruins), when you complete the quest (dungeon), just return to town, give in the quest and go complete the others.*

    Level 16-24
    [align=center]When you're 16, you'll have more quests to do. Accept them all.
    What you want to do first now is check any Astral Coven Laboratory dungeons (Abyss) parties. If there is, join it. There will probably be levels 32+ in the party that will be farming ACL for keys/fragments. You won't be able to do any ACL commission until you're 18 so just run the dungeons with the party.
    If there's no ACL parties, you can create one. Create a party and select dungeon "Astral Coven Laboratory". Set Difficulty to Abyss and for party name, put in "ACL EXP/Bunny/Frag Runs". If no one joins, just go back to questing.
    Questing may take a bit longer than ACL but it's worth it. You'll have time to enjoy the quests/sub-quests/story while grinding. Just keep doing this until 24.

    Another way to get fast EXP in short time is to do Gobarta. If you still have Gobarta runs, go talk to a guard and go East (Daredevil Fare). Go into portal then go straight into the portal/dungeon to do Gobarta. You'll have to kill 300 before Goblinidus appear.
    Tip while doing this: Run around in a circle till all the Goblins group up then use your strongest skill on them.
    Another tip: Keep killing them until you reach 285-299 kills. Then make them group up again and kill them all with your strongest skill once more. Killing them like this nets you 20+ more kills making it over 300+ total kills which gives you more EXP than 300 kills total.*

    Level 24-32
    [align=center]You're level 24 now. Go to Saint's Haven and accept all the quests. (Including Royal Castle too since you'll have to go there)
    Head North and start doing your quests on Hard difficulty. Make sure to grab the commission of your dungeon if there is. Once you're done with the quest, return to closest field and do the others until you're low/out on durability.
    Don't say you have no more quests. There are over 500 quests at level 24.

    Alternative way to level:
    Level 24-26: Rockthorn Gorge
    Level 26-28: Black Soverign Domain (Domain is one of the shortest dungeon in SH and easy to solo)
    Level 28-32: Blackguard Stronghold (It's easier if you grind this dungeon in a party. Why? You can complete it faster and you don't have to return to town as much to repair your items.

    Level 32-40
    [align=center]Okay, this is how I got to level 40 in just 3 days even with 8 hours of sleep and I played around 13 hours during those 3 days.
    Accept all quests. Just go to where the main quests tells you to go and complete the dungeon on hard difficulty. Once done, return to closest field. Go to another dungeon where there's a quest and complete it in Hard difficulty. If you're durability is low, or you're done with the quests on that map, return to town and turn the quests in then accept more.

    • If you have Gobersia runs, do them. Instead of 300 now, there will be 500. This is good EXP so make use of it before it gets reset weekly. As for Krag's Counterattack, it's a waste. Sure it gives 3-5% exp per run but it's boring and takes a while.[/align]

    [align=center]Alternative way to level:
    Marrisa Drysprings: (Level 32-40) - You can skip almost the whole dungeon. Refer to the video below on how to run MD fast. [/align]
    [align=center]Black Sovereign Assembly: (Level 32-40) - Since you can skip most of the dungeon, it's great for EXP since the commission gives around 110k EXP. (It's recommended that you be in a party to clear the dungeon fast)
    Desolation Point (Level 32-40) It's one of the shortest level 32 dungeons in Saints at the moment. Grinding this dungeon with a party will probably take less than 4 minutes to complete if you know what you're doing. 5 minutes average.[/align]

    Credits by:
    • Mr.Google & Me

    If I Help Give Me +1 Reputation... :D
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  2. XxSoulEaterxX

    XxSoulEaterxX Newbie

    Jul 23, 2012
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    Is this guide is for sea?? I dont think so
    This is guide is more better
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest


    - Sticky.
  4. samdark

    samdark Active Member

    Jun 5, 2012
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    nc one thank you...
  5. ilovelnl

    ilovelnl Active Member

    Oct 29, 2013
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    nice guide to idol..
  6. Innocent23

    Innocent23 Newbie

    Jun 5, 2012
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    I think this guide should be updated, there are even more ways to LVL up DN characters

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