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    General Pinoyhideout Forum Rules and Regulations

    By using this web site, you agree to be contacted by site administration, regardless of your account settings, when it becomes necessary to do so regarding your account activity..

    The basic ground rules for discussions on Pinoy HideOut are simple: be polite, use common sense, don't break the rules and don't post any message that even hints at advertising.

    You are permitted a maximum of one account, active or inactive, regardless of how many companies you represent. If you choose to ignore this important restriction, all your accounts will be disabled. If you require a temporary user name for any reason, please contact the Pinoy HideOut Admin for approval. If you require a user name change, please Contact us for request.

    If you have forgotten your log in details and are unable to retrieve them via the system, do not create a new account, please contact an Admin thru Email for request..

    We reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion and without explanation. Please contact the Pinoy HideOut Team via our helpdesk at Please login or register to view links if you do not understand any of the rules, guidelines or policies outlined below.

    Suspension of your account is a definite consequence of not adhering to these guidelines.

    In addition to the rules posted here, you are required to read any individual forum rules which may be posted at the top of specific forums as Important threads or Announcements. Pinoy HideOut staffs assume members have read them and will not take ignorance of any rules as an excuse for not following the rules, policies, and guidelines outlined here and in the forum specific rules.

    General Forum Rules:

    These rules apply to all Forum categories

    1. We take the "Be Polite" rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.
    2. Any abuse towards our staff and/or management in any form, may result in immediate suspension of your account.
    3. If you SPAM our members,or staffs in any manner, your account may be disabled.
    4. Your account is yours alone. You are responsible for any activity created with it. You may not share your account login with anyone. If you choose to ignore this important restriction your account, and any accounts associated with it, will be disabled.
    5. All publicly displayed messages are limited to the English and Filipino language. This includes posts, titles, signatures, and any attachments or other forms of public display.
    6. You may not post words or URLs that shows vulgarities or censored by adding spaces, dots, or substituting characters. Please Please login or register to view links if you feel a word or URL is unjustly censored.
    7. No "necro" behavior , necro means posting replies on very old (dead) threads which have not been locked. We only allow "necro" replies in VERY rare circumstances, all other cases will find your reply removed. If you feel strongly enough about posting a reply, please discuss with a Moderator whether to start a new thread of discussion.
    8. Do not post material that is hateful or mean towards race, religion, sex, or any other offensive nature.
    9. Turn off your caps lock, do not use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts.
    10. You may not bump threads. Bumping can refer to posting useless information,
      posting one-liners or any other action to deliberately keep a thread hot or to bring it to the top of its forum. Moderators will use their discretion, depending on the nature of the post, as to whether to take action or not.
    11. Do not complain if a moderator removes a message you posted. We trust our moderators, and if they've removed a message, they had a good reason.
    12. Any posts that encourage illegal intent will be removed and the account disabled.
    13. Public posts debating these rules and/or moderators' enforcement of such, will be removed without comment. We encourage feedback however and invite you to use our helpdesk at Please login or register to view links if you have any questions or concerns.

    Custom User Titles, Locations, Profiles, and Signatures:

    The custom user title, location field, profile picture and signature options are edited via your Profile. Custom user titles and the location field are displayed next to your posted text, under your user name. Profile pictures are shown in your public profile. Signatures, once created in your profile, are attached to the end of your posts (if you choose the option to include your signature).

    1. URLs or other forms of advertising (phone numbers, plans, contact details, etc.) are not allowed in custom user titles or names, which are limited to 30 characters. Also, you may not use custom titles or usernames to impersonate, or attempt to impersonate, PHO Staff, user groups, or any entity you are not associated with.
    2. Your location field cannot include URLs or other forms of advertising.
    3. Profile pictures cannot include sexually explicit or graphically intense images.4
    4. Profile Summary (and all other modules) cannot include or link to illegal encouragement, harassment, sexually explicit, or other non-family-friendly content.

    1. Here you can enter a short message which will automatically be appended to the bottom of your posts.
    2. May contain a maximum of 1 image. make sure that the dimensions are at or under 500px X 150px or else it will be auto scaled/edited/deleted
    3. May include smiles or emoticons.
    4. Must be kept to a maximum of 255 characters.
    5. May contain links to other threads or posts.
    6. HTML is off and My Code/BB Code is On.
    7. Please keep special characters to a minimum.
    8. Your signature is your signature. It is not for sale or rent.
    9. Any signature that is offensive or insulting to PHO, its members, or its staff, is prohibited.
    10. We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your signature at any time, for any reason.

    Special Notices:

    1. Any posts not meeting these guidelines may be removed with or without notice.
    2. If you bring suit, propose to sue, or infer legal action against PHO, its administrators, or staffs as the website owner, your account may be disabled and any company related accounts may face restrictions.

    Privacy Policy:
    1. We will not release any member information unless under court order to do so.
    2. We do not monitor private messages. But we will investigate all allegations of PM abuse.

    We further, reserve our right to disable any account at any time for any reason and without notice.

    We reserve the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of current Pinoy HideOut policies.

    If there are any rules or policies you do not understand, please contact us via our help desk at Please login or register to view links
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