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Flashing Greenpacket DV235t Firmware to Huawei BM622m 2012

Discussion in 'Network Software Chat' started by *PHO*Pogay, May 29, 2014.

  1. *PHO*Pogay

    *PHO*Pogay Guide

    Nov 9, 2013
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    DISCLAIMER: IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKED OR BOOTLOOPED MODEMS, TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you point the finger at me for messing up your modem, I will laugh at you.

    1. Download this firmware "Please login or register to view links"

    2. Login to your myBro's GUI using admin account: for 1.0.7 based firmwares / for 1.0.4/1.0.5 firmwares.

    3. Go to Management > Upgrade section of your GUI then locate the downloaded firmware.

    4. Click on upload and wait for the flashing to finish.

    5. The device will now reboot, wait for it to boot again and push the reset button with any pointed object for 1 min.

    6. The device will boot again wait for your modem to complete its boot.

    7. Unplug your modem's UTP cable and plug it again.

    8. Check your LAN's gateway IP address it should be ""

    9. Now login to your new GUI to check if the flashing process is okay by opening your browser and opening

    10. Public info should display (BM622m users are familliar with this) then click on login and use this account to open your GUI " Username = user, Password = 0SlO051O"

    11. Now that you are logged in let's enable your telnet by opening a new tab on your browser and pasting this to your browser "Please login or register to view links"

    12. Check Telnet > LAN and click on apply.

    13. Now download the script "Please login or register to view links" it will change your admin password without the need of generating admin password.

    14. Double click "changepass.vbs" and wait for the script to finish and click the keys "ctrl + D".

    15. Now go back to your modem's new GUI and login with this details "Username = admin, Password = "admin"

    16. Boom you are now logged in to your bm622m firmware's admin page.. Enjoy!

    • You can now snipe 22m series macs and use any 22m supported tools
    • More stable and consistent for both Smart and Globe macs
    • More secured and say no more to "Remote Hackers"
    • You can now see your Wimax connect and change frequency realtime
    • Easier to disable TELNET and HTTP over WAN
    • Customize both Admin and User passwords
    • Supported by many tools

    • Wifi is not supported


    Frequency Changer for SMART and GLOBE
    Please login or register to view links

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