Fairy Tail Season 2 (Tagalog Dubbed)

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    Fairy Tail Season 2 (Tagalog Dubbed)

    The arc focuses on Fairy Tail’s alliance with other guilds to take down the dark guild Oración Seis, aided by the Dragon Slayer Wendy Marvell and a reformed Jellal Fernandez. The last four episodes form the self-contained “Daphne” (ダフネDafune) arc, where Gray Fullbuster seemingly betrays the guild and helps Daphne, a deranged wizard, capture Natsu to power an artificial dragon.

    Ep 49-55: CLOUD
    Ep 56-60: CLOUD
    Ep 61-65: CLOUD
    Ep 66-70: CLOUD
    Ep 71-75: CLOUD
    Ep 76-80: CLOUD
    Ep 81-85: CLOUD
    Ep 86-90: CLOUD
    Ep 91-96: CLOUD

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