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Extensions of your ViP - How it will work

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales & Support' started by xmarianjules, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. xmarianjules

    xmarianjules King of nothing

    Nov 1, 2012
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    Dear Users,

    some of you may think about buying ViP.
    And as it is known, a hack can get detected.
    And in the past we had often the question "What happens with my ViP Time now"...
    I'm going you to explain you how we'll add Extensions.
    And what are the least that has happen that a right to extensions are given.

    1st: Who is getting Extensions

    All ViP-Members who bought ViP hacks will get
    Extensions. You must be in the ViP-Group for that.
    And it will be given only to them who bought the ViP for the game,
    that got detected. So a "SF2 VIP TYPE 2" ViP User wont get Extensions when the SF VIP TYPE 1 is detected.

    2nd: When is a hack detected?

    Please understand that we'll never set a hack to official undetected
    just because 3 users says "They're detected". We'll first make tests
    to make sure, it's actual this case.
    ViP Extensions rights are getting active as soon as the Hack is marked as "Detected"
    or "Need an Update" in the Hack Status Box. Not earlier.

    3rd: How will Extension-Days will be given?

    We'll not instatly give out Extensions for 1 day or longer.
    The hack must be detected for at least a whole day. That means at least
    12 hours or longer. Is the coder able to get it working before, no extensions
    will be given.

    After the first 12 hours we'll count for any day the hack has been detected.
    As example:

    Hack got detected at: 12-3
    Hack got undetected at: 15-3

    then you'll get 3 days back as equalization.
    ViP Extensions are given out EVERY day then, to make sure your ViP is not running out
    (Please read more, to get informed about expired ViP while detected hack)

    Should it be longer then 3 days we'll give +1 day,
    should it be longer then a week, we'll give +2 days
    as excuse that it took so long.

    My ViP has expired while the hack was detected: What now?

    Something that, of course, should not happen.
    If this is the case, please contact us Via Forum or Private Message (Admins only / Mods will hand off you to an Admin)
    The Admin will clear the facts of the case and if:

    Your ViP expired AFTER 12h when the hack got detected you'll get +1 days
    Your ViP expired BEFORE 12h when the hack got detected you'll NOT get any ViP Time back. You must buy it again in this case.

    Should it be even that your ViP expired 2 days after the hack got detected, you'll get of course 2 days extra.
    And so on...

    If you bought ViP while the hack is marked as Detected (Which means it's taken offline in the loader),
    you'll NOT get any refund. But you'll get all extensions that will arrive later.

    Any Topic/inquiry for Refund will be ignored or warned if you get harsh and/or start to spam.
    Thank you for understanding. *

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