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    What is Cryptominingfarm?
    Cryptominingfarm is a virtual bitcoin mining service. They do not have any mining hardware. They guarantee same profit rate without relation to mining difficulty increases. How? They claim to have AI bot trade to utilize your bitcoin to trade and made profit, and pay back those profit to their customers. They represent customer investment portfolio as GHS, thus virtual bitcoin mining.
    NOTE: Cryptominingfarm is PAYING since 2014 up to NOW!

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    1000 GHS = 0.9 USDT/day

    There is free 50 GHS which worth almost like nothing, and you can’t withdraw if you don’t buy any hashrates.

    CryptoMiningFarm Subscription Plans

    CryptoMiningFarm has all of the following plans available, although prices are not listed upfront:

    The more you spend today, the longer your mining contract will last. You also gain access to more “GHS”.

    How to Buy GHS?

    Pay exact amount not more than or less then the amount you send.

    Minimum withdrawal Bitcoin : 0.005BTC, TX Fee : 0.0005 BTC ( VIP TX Fee : 0.0003 BTC)

    Minimum withdrawal Tether : 15USDT, TX Fee : 5 USDT ( >100USDT TX Fee : 0.5 USDT )
    Minimum withdrawal Universal Currency : 0.01 UNIT, TX Fee : 0 UNIT
    Minimum withdrawal Ethereum : 0.01 ETH, TX Fee : 0.002-0.004 ETH

    My Payment from CMF:



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    Don't make your bitcoin sleep at your wallet MAKE IT GROW!
    NOTE: This Cloud Mining site is paying since 2014 up to NOW

    If you have question feel free to message me or comment here I am willing to help you regarding this and bitcoin. HAPPY EARNING!!!

    ---If you have a question regarding the content of this site, feel free to leave your message THANKS!

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