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    Dec 10, 2016
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    User Name: Rekt1337

    Name: rekt

    Age: 20

    Location: Manila

    Facebook Url: Please login or register to view links

    Why you want to join us: Since this site is inactive for months, some of the staffs here are also inactive. So I decided to join the team cuz I believe I should be chosen because I am responsible and hard-working. I'd like to help out the community in many different ways. I'd like to make this community be active again, I would like to give the PHO community a help in hand, and do almost everything I can to help it.. I am helpful. I always do my best to help anyone out if they have questions that I am able to answer. I know the staff gets busy and they do not always have the time to respond so I help where I can.

    What are you applying for: Moderator
    Expertise: Troubleshooting, Comp Expert, Comp stuff, Programming stuff, Tech stuff, etc.
    Experience: Game-Exploits Moderator (2010-2013)
    BeastSFPH Tech Supp (2013-2014)
    SFCasper Staff (2015)
    Bullhacks, PHCheats, BullSF Tech Supp ( 2016- 2017)
    GameMerk Staff (2017)
    THD Admin (2017 - 2018)

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