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    19 turning 20 this coming 23 lol.


    Valenzuela City

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    This is only my dummy account, but I always use this also,

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    I would like to bring daily support and moderating here at forums, because most of the time I am infront of my laptop doing some job reports(Excel), but most of the time I am free and I would like to contribute my free time here on our forums, this ain't my first account, I'm an old member back to the time where PHOFM existed pa and mga disc jockey pa before haha, that's why I do know how things work here, I just want to contribute my knowledge to everyone here, and I have experience in moderating forums of different games.
    What are you applying for: Applying for Global-Moderator.


    Forum Management, Simple coding, Support, Daily Reviews of releases(if there are any), fluent english, excel programming,


    I have been moderating in forums since 2009, because of my love for computer games haha, I pushed myself to a limit to moderate players & forums at the same time on some games.

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    Goodluck bro!
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    Thank you sir!

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