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    Alfred 2.2


    Alfred is a keyboard-driven productivity application for Mac OS X, helping you launch apps and search your local computer as well as the web with great speed.

    * Application launcher: Launch any application with a quick shortcut. Alfred will learn which apps you use often and prioritise them when you search
    * Search your Mac: Quickly find and open files, bookmarks, contacts, music and more. You will never again have to wonder just where you saved that important document.
    * Search the web: Search or launch your favourite websites: Maps, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia and many more.
    * Calculate and Spell: Just start typing to do a quick calculation or look up spellings, definitions or synonyms and antonyms.
    * System Commands: Control your Mac with speed and efficiency. Empty trash, start the Screen Saver, restart, shut down, eject a drive and more.
    * Custom Searches: Create your own web searches for frequently used websites and wikis.

    Ward off RSI - skip using the mouse with this fast and beautiful app.

    Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or later

    Version 2.2:

    ? New debugging options for Workflows. Click the bug icon when editing a workflow. Debug filtering options available such as selecting the unique object you would like to see the debug info for, and error or full log info
    ? New organisation options and filtering for workflows, with categorisation. Available in Workflow preferences search drop-down
    ? Copy and Paste workflow objects e.g. from one workflow to another
    ? Added option on workflow list popup menu to duplicate workflows
    ? Default support for added for creating emails with attachments
    ? Option to use metadata for contacts search instead of Address Book API. Gives better word based and diacritic matching.
    ? Singapore added to the web locations
    ? Improve Alfred?s knowledge sorting for fixed and unique filter results (e.g. a hotkey attached to file filter, or uniquely selecting the ?open? file search)
    ? Correctly detect and format addresses in the contact viewer, fixes issue where e.g. US address formatting wasn't correct
    ? Clarify the 1Password advanced prefs for 1Password 3 and 1Password 4 differences
    ? Add some Amazon web localisations for AU, BR, CN, MX, IN instead of falling back to
    ? Improved reindexing with option to delete /.Spotlight-V100/ for most thorough metadata reindex
    ? Add back in touching folders to latest timestamp to enhance subsequent sorting in Alfred (and Spotlight). Preference in Alfred?s Features > File Search > Advanced
    ? Multi-selection now allowed in Workflows for re-categorisation and deletion
    ? Respect alternative metadata names in app cache for better internationalised matching
    ? Request contacts access on starting Alfred rather than first searching for better user experience
    ? List hotkeys in correct order to match Apple?s HCI guidelines (ctrl, alt, shift, cmd)
    ? More efficient fixed font loading
    ? Show contact suffix if available, e.g. BSc
    ? Ensure that multi part surnames are found in Alfred e.g. Mc Smith
    ? Nicer icon for the ?tags? keyword similar to Finder?s tag icon
    ? Prevent smart quotes in the AppleScript workflow action editor
    ? Fix text in reindex terminal window as dot is no longer shown in Spotlight magnifying glass when reindexing
    ? Remove non working Appsfire web search as it now uses AJAX and Appsfire are shifting business models
    ? Remove irrelevant popup options when there is an invalid workflow
    ? Update Google images / maps URLs to newer format (non subdomain)
    ? Remove (+) copy mouse icon when dragging fallback categories in preferences
    ? Remove erroneous ?Name:? label from File Action trigger preferences
    ? Improve reliability of multi-file buffer grid preview (actions view) on hovering mouse
    ? Ensure object is correctly re-selected in workflow editor when resizing window, or showing the workflow debugger
    ? Remove ability to use Dropbox?s Apps folder for syncing as this is still causing quirks for a small number of users (only affects new syncs)
    ? Code refinement and performance enhancements



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