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12 Juni 2019 - BaimP 1.0 (New Tutorial GHOST/ Teleport) Cheat PB VIP Fiture GRATIS Zepeto Indonesia

Discussion in 'Point Blank' started by zed123456, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. zed123456

    zed123456 Excommunicado Banned!

    Jan 31, 2019
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    Indo Server Fitur

    • D3D Menu Full Cit WH autohs, esp, fast reload, fast respon, dll!

    Fiture PH Server (Need Windows Mode | Don't Full Screen!)

    • Quick Change F1 ON | F1 OFF

    • Fast Reload F2 ON | F2 OFF
    • Fast Respawn F3 ON | F3 OFF
    • Move Speed F4 ON | F4 OFF
    • Jump High F5 ON | F5 OFF
    • Bug Mode HOME ON | HOME OFF (next Press END)
    • ----------------------------------
    • [-]Wallhack : F10 ON | F10 OFF
    • [-]Chams Weapon : F11 | F11 OFF
    • [-]Glasses Wallhack : F12 | F12 OFF

    Tutorial Cit / Cheat PB EVO :

    • Download Cit PB yang sudah di sediakan di atas
    • Buka Game Pb/Garena seperi biasa
    • Buka cit PB Kamu, Tunggu loading aktif
    • Play PB seperti biasa

    Happy citing!!!!

    *Matikan Antivirus termasuk Windows Defender = WAJIB!

    Credit by
    Pekalongan Community
    Credit indo dukun-cit.com

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