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Anti-DDOS Firewall

  1. trismund
    DNP Gateway is an old PHP firewall that was primarily designed to defend our blog The art of martial arts during the DoS attack about 7 years in August This firewall also can function as a spam filter, because it blocks all default unknown automated robots.

    The main features of this plugin:

    Denies access of unwanted robots.
    Blocks the automatic spam and malicious scripts.
    Reduces attack against flooding and conserves resources of the server.
    Acts as a capture page / intro page for your blog or forum.
    SEO Friendly - Google has no problem indexing your website.
    No need database, extremely fast.

    While the DNP gateway can reduce the damage to the low-level DoS attack, it does not guarantee that all effects of an attack could be completely avoided. I do not have responsibility for your use of DNP Gateway. There are no firewall software that may be as effective as a hardware firewall.

    You are free and encouraged to change the skin of the Gateway page in dnp_fw_template.php but please respect the copyright and leave intact. Other models are also available if you want different look. DNP Gateway also acts as an introductory page for your website if you fill it with rich information content of your site. Adsense and other ads could be placed here to maximize your income since every visitor must pass the introductory page before proceeding.

    Installation for XenForo Forum
    Download all package files to your forum_root

    Edit your index.php

    Why index.php? Because index.php is XenForo system database file, it is also the initial boot file called Itâ important database queries and keeps sensitive information. The firewall is all about running processes to prevent direct damage to the forum. That is why DNP Firewall does not use a hook or come as an automatic plug-in like other MOD


    $startTime = microtime(true);
    $fileDir = dirname(__FILE__);

    Add this before

    if (file_exists ('dnp_fw.php')) {require_once ('dnp_fw.php');}

    Just remove this line to disable the firewall.
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