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    CCboot 2019 Build 0220

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    CCBoot is a diskless boot system that will make all of your PCs like new after every single reboot. This means, no more worrying about Spyware, Viruses, and Trojans. Every single time a PC is rebooted, it’s wiped clean, leaving you with the feeling of a fresh install after every restart. Your computers are safer AND they run faster.

    But, that’s not all…

    You can update all of your PCs with a single click of your mouse, saving countless hours. Have a piece of software you want to deploy across ALL of your PCs? No problem… Simply install on your "master" computer, reboot the rest of the PCs, and voila! You’re done!

    CCBoot makes managing multiple PCs fast and easy.

    CCBoot - What's new

    * Update Win10 nic drivers
    * Disk and image list is sortable.
    * Client advanced opt support disable Windows 10 updates.
    * Removed some usefulness functions.
    * Fixed disk idle bug
    * Rewrite open/close function of virtual disk
    * Improve the delete write-back file function
    * Improve create nic package
    * Improve Intel i218/219 boot with ipxe.pxe


    Password: pinoyhideout.com

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